Wealth Management Family Dynamics Consultation

Estate planning has the potential to be more than money, tax planning and inheritance.  It can also provide a wonderful opportunity to transmit family legacy messages and promote the family values families hope to pass on.  Developing an intentional and well thought out legacy plan provides families with a unique opportunity to share with future generations a positive and empowered family legacy.

Family dynamics meetings are custom designed consultations which enable you to fine tune the estate planning goals that you have established.  You may use this meeting to explore issues specific to your needs.  Topics covered can include:

  • Legacy planning dynamics
  • Goal clarification
  • Money/family communication skill development
  • Family life estate coaching
  • Philanthropic giving planning dynamics
  • Inter generational family dynamics coaching
  • Family dynamics when gifting children
  • Communication skills and estate planning
  • Estate planning and relationships
  • Special issues and special topics



Clients may also choose to create a family estate planning genogram.  This is a custom designed clinical tool that allows clients to understand the power of their family legacy and their familial patterns. This understanding enables clients to clarify their estate goals and family dynamics.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

I am NASW certified to provide supervision towards the PIP license,   I offer ongoing individual and group clinical case supervision and mentoring.

Executive and Organizational Consultation

Using a systems perspective, I provide interpersonal coaching to help small businesses and non-profits leadership navigate challenging work place situations and employees, communicate skillfully, resolve conflict, and motivate employees.  I conduct employee trainings and lead interpersonal skill development workshops to promote empowered and productive work environments.

Clinical Training, Workshops, and Groups


  • Interpersonal Skills Training for Upper Management and Middle Management
  • Interpersonal Skills Training for Financial Planners and Estate Attorneys
  • A Systems Perspective to Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Integrating Family Systems Theory into the Workplace
  • Interpersonal Skills Development with Challenging Congregational Situations
  • Training Congregational Leadership to Deal with Painful Congregational Events
  • Integrating Systems Theory into the Workplace
  • A Systems Approach to Conflict Resolution
  • Training Therapists to Use Relationship Enhancement with Couples
  • A Systemic Approach to Couple Therapy
  • Family Dynamics and Money
  • Family Therapy:  Assessment and Treatment
  • Couple Therapy: Assessment and Treatment
  • Treating Challenging Couples
  • Studying  Family Therapy Masters through Training Videos
  • Teacher Effectiveness Workshops:  Understanding Challenging Students
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Post Traumatic Stress and Families
  • Community Responses to Critical Incidents
  • Listening from the Heart:  Helping Caregivers work with Death and Dying

Family Enrichment Workshops:

  • Parent Effectiveness Training, communication skills workshop series
  • Raising Your Spirited Child
  • Intentional, Value based Parenting
  • Parenting Teens- workshop series for parents
  • Coping with Your Parents’ Divorce, workshop series for adolescents
  • Siblings without Rivalry – parenting workshop series
  • Making Marriage Work, pre-marital workshop series
  • From Partners to Parents, workshop series for couples becoming parents
  • A Seasoned Marriage, workshop series for couples married more than 18 years
  • Letting Go, workshop series for couples coping with children leaving home
  • Parents in Transition, workshop series for newly divorced parents