I provide counseling and coaching to Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups.


Life Challenges

I meet with individuals to help you:

  • cope with grief, trauma, and tragedy
  • make smoother life transitions, including adjustments to parenting, empty nesting mid-life and aging, career changes, and medical and health adjustments
  • navigate “fork in the road” decisions
  • deal with conflict in the work place
  • overcome the pain and “stuckness” of childhood and other traumatic events in order to lead fulfilling adult lives
  • Provide support for caregivers of the elderly and chronically ill
  • diminish anxiety, stress and depression


Marital and Relationship issues

I provide marital and relationship counseling with an emphasis on skill building and insight to develop new relationship patterns.    My goal is to help you write new and more connected and satisfying relationship chapters in which you have gained effective relationship tools and developed greater understanding and intimacy. I also provide premarital counseling  and coaching to give couples foundational skills and tools.


Parenting challenges

I provide parenting guidance to help parents gain skills.  Whether you experience your child as highly spirited, sensitive, perceptive or intense or if your child is inattentive or with special needs or in a difficult developmental stage, parenting education and skill building will help you navigate the parenting challenges. I help you help your children with sleep issues, anxiety issues and other developmental challenges. I also help you help your children cope with illness, loss and trauma. I teach you skills for effective communication, conflict negotiation and resolution.  My goal is to empower you with skills, insights and strategies to feel effective and successful as a parent.


Family Counseling

I meet with families to help you gain new skills and create new patterns of interaction and understanding


Leadership Coach and Executive Consultant

Working as a psychotherapist and teaching at universities for over 30 years provides me with a unique understanding of the systemic challenges inherent in institutional and corporate leadership. As an active and collaborative coach, I provide a confidential and supportive environment for exploration and growth. Blending warmth with insight and skill building, I support clients in career transitions and in achieving career goals. We will strategize how to most effectively:

  • Communicate and implement your vision for the future
  • Build the capacity of the team
  • Understand and overcome personal and institutional obstacles
  • Navigate and de-escalate conflicts and crises
  • Fine-tune communication skills
  • Manage stress and work/life balance


Wealth Management Family Strategic Planning

I consult with individuals, couples and multigenerational families to fine tune financial planning goals and explore “soft” money issues specific to your needs.  Topics covered can include:

  • legacy planning dynamics,
  • goal clarification,
  • money/family communication skill development,
  • family life financial coaching,
  • philanthropic giving planning dynamics,
  • intergenerational family financial dynamics coaching.

Clients can also choose to create a family financial genogram.  This is a custom designed clinical instrument that allows clients to understand financial family patterns and enables clients to clarify their money dynamics.


Clinical Supervision & Consultation

I am NASW certified to provide supervision towards the PIP license, I offer ongoing individual and group clinical case supervision and mentoring.